Create your own Indoor Oasis by Integrating Living Art

Every single art piece is created to be unique and timeless. No designs are ever replicated, as each piece offers personal energy to each client.

If you love any art piece and you purchase it, rest assured that you will be the only one owning that design, by iLookFresh.

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Personalized Living Wall Art Picture for Your Special One or Special Occasion


Order your personalized 18x24 inches Picture Moss and Preserved Plants Canvas. It is made with Epoxy Resin, ensuring the durability and quality of your photo, and that it remains evergreen. You can choose from specific colors to be present in your art piece or decide to keep it naturally green. Crystals can also be added, so please specify this in the description, at Checkout. Most common crystals, such as crushed amethyst, rose and clear quarts are included in the price. Any other specific or more rare crystals and/or plants ,may reflect the cost, and result in price increase. In such situations, please contact us first, before placing your order. 

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