I greatly believe that our environment has a significant impact on our well-being.
For someone growing up constantly relocating, I began changing my perspective of how I perceive the meaning of what home is. And by meaning, I refer to the feeling of home. What feels like home to one can have a completely different notion to another, as we are all intricately unique beings.

I also believe that there is one thing that unites us, despite our differences in style, taste, preferences, and this is nature. Nature is life, it is ingrained deep down inside of us, nature stimulates and fuels our life force. No wonder, many feel this inner need to go out in nature to refresh and recharge. That is exactly what nature provides for us, a feeling of connectedness, well-being and positive energy.

For some, it may not always be easy to be outdoors and spend as much time, as needed, in nature. That’s where iLookFresh comes into play. With its mission to bring more life force energy and nature into your home, now you can create a space that is more in tune with the outdoors, an environment that is inspired and reflects the healing beauty of nature. Since nature (especially speaking of natural materials, living decorations and art) is evergreen, it can be incorporated in every design, style and vision of your home.

Integrating elements of nature in our indoor environment not only has healing properties to our well-being, but also helps us bond with others, the world and simply feel at one with life.

Fresh Home

A home that expresses your individuality through colors, shapes, ornaments, decorations that work together in sync, will help you live in alignment with yourself and the world. Even if your home environment is inhabited with other people, there is an opportunity to connect all of your energies and individual preferences by inviting nature in. You can create unique spaces that work specifically for each one of you, while as a whole they all operate well together, in harmony. This fresh new environment, helps each one of you to be in a creative place, feeling inspired, connected and at peace with the rest. Because nature seeks balance and deep down inside we all look to establish more balance in our lives.


From my experience, I have discovered that many approach renovating, designing or remodeling their homes, with resistance, because they feel overwhelmed with the process, where to start from and narrowing down what they really want. Another key factor, for most home owners/renters, is budget. Hiring an Interior Designer can cost them thousands of dollars, which simply is not always necessary. So, what do you do when you do not have the most prominent aesthetics sense or you are simply not interested in that but still want to have a beautiful and unique home?
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